Mother Gets Worried About Son's Safety, He Comes Up With A Clever Way Of Showing Her He's Okay

Parent’s worry about their children no matter what age they are. Jonathan Quiñones’ mother was not the exception.

Jonathan became tired of his everyday job. He worked as a consultant in Brussels, but eventually he became bored. He felt like he hadn’t lived life the way he always wanted. So he did what anyone else would only dream of, he travelled the world.

“I was feeling overworked and thought: I’m not married; I don’t have children, so it’s now or never,” Jonathan told TODAY.

At just 27 years of age, Jonathan quit his job and embarked on a journey. His mother was obviously worried about him since he would be all around and all alone.

His first stop was in Cuba. That’s where he came up with the perfect idea to show his mom that he would be okay.

“It was almost impossible to connect with my mom, so I came up with the idea to take a photo at every stop because a picture speaks a thousand words,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan has posted his pictures on Instagram to show not only his mom but the world.

“She really cares and wants to know where I am,” Quiñonez said. “I’m not really a guy who likes to message a lot, so this was a good solution,” Jonathan told reporters.

In every picture he took he would come up with a clever way to say he was okay, putting the words, “MOM, I’M FINE,” in every picture.

If you enjoyed these pictures you can find more on Jonathan’s Instagram account.

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