Dad Makes The Ultimate Ghostbusters Costume For Son In A Wheelchair

Halloween is coming up and this dad made the ultimate costume for his disabled son.

Ryan Miller’s son, Jeremy, is a disabled boy, he is unable to walk, and every year Ryan makes him an incredible costume for halloween. This year’s choice was the Ecto-1 from Ghost Busters.

Jeremy loves Ghost Busters. “Jeremy’s seen all three [Ghostbusters] shows and watches the cartoons on Netflix,” Miller told Mashable, “He loves the music, he loves that it’s a comedy with some pretty cool gadgets and adventure.”

Ryan says that this was by far the most difficult one to build out of past years costumes. But it was definitely worth it when he saw a smile in his son’s face.

He has made it a yearly hobby and loves seeing the kid’s reactions to seeing his handmade costumes.

“We’ve come to love the smiles we bring to kids and their parents as we’ve shared it,” Miller wrote, “So we decided to share the costume with the kids at some of the local Children’s Hospitals.”

Watch the video below.

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