Mom Captures Perfect Moment Of 2-Year-Old Expressing How She Feels About Her Unborn Sister, Her Words Will Touch Your Heart

Typically a 2-year-old isn’t very fond of a new baby coming into the family. They don’t want to lose any of their parents’ attention.

This isn’t the case for 2-year-old Myla, who got very emotional watching a sonogram of her unborn baby sister.

“This is my daughter Myla who is nearly 3 and watched the video of the scan of her unborn sister at 16 weeks 4 days” says Mom, Carly Tansley, in the caption of a YouTube video she posted. “I was not expecting her to get this emotional at all! The love she has for her already is unbelievable.”

Little Myla already loves her little sister and it shows.

“She has always been adamant we were having a baby girl as she’s always wanted a sister,” says Carly.

Her dad also says,“she decided she needed a sister to dress up as a Disney princess.”

“She’s also decided we have to call her Snow White. It was Aurora last week, so we’ll probably have to name her Ariel or Elsa next week.” Carly explained.

Carly knows very well though, that the two might not always get along. She has already decided to use this video whenever the two sisters get in an argument.

“I will definitely show her the video when they’re fighting and pulling each other’s hair!”

Watch the adorable footage below.

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