Formally Deaf Baby Hears Mom's Voice For The First Time, His Adorable Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet

It’s a beautiful moment when a baby hear his mother’s voice for the first time. For this little guy, that moment came later than usual, but his reaction is incredibly adorable.

Xander, a baby boy from Gwinnett County, Georgia, was born nine weeks early. He suffered a brain bleed while in the NICU, but tests showed that his hearing was fine. “They told me he passed his hearing screen while he was in NICU,” Xander’s mom wrote online. “When he was discharged after 59 days in the hospital, I noticed he didn’t get startled like other babies.”

The concerned mother took her newborn baby boy to the hospital and asked them to test her son’s hearing again. “It took me 3 months of advocating for my son for them to test his hearing. They thought I was just being a over protective mother. I was proven right. Never underestimate a mother!”

Thanks to the mother the little boy was given a hearing aide. In the video below you’ll see the 8-month-old testing out a Phonax hearing device for the first time. His reaction has the internet smiling.

Watch the adorable moment in the video below.

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