Bulldog Becomes Ice Cream Man's Number One Costumer, His Daily Routine Will Melt Your Heart

When most dogs hear an ice cream man coming they typically start barking, but not this bulldog. In fact he loves ice cream.

Rambo’s love for ice cream started about a year ago. His owner, Ashish Silwal, explains how it all started when Rambo got excited out of nowhere. “Rambo was all excited out of nowhere, and I was like ‘okay, let’s go get some popsicles,’ and the next thing you know, he’s jumping in the truck!”

It has become a routine. Every time the ice cream man, Akins Luwove, passes by Ashish’s house, Rambo comes running out for his ice cream.

This dog is certainly unique. “Other dogs on my route, when they hear the music, they’re scared. But he isn’t scared, so it’s unique,” says Luwove.

Watch the adorable dog get his daily treat in the video below.

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