Heroic Dog Pays Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Owner's Mom From A Stabbing Attack

This dog is the definition of a hero. After a violent argument broke out the dog came to the rescue, giving up her life to save the life of her owner.

Lucy is a six-year-old pit bull who tragically died after saving her owner’s mother, Lisa Potts, from a stabbing attack.

One day Lisa was coming home when she found her ex-boyfriend, Walter Williams, inside her apartment. According to Lisa, a fight broke out between the two when suddenly Williams pulled out a knife.

That’s when Lucy came in and attacked the armed man. Lisa said that was enough to get the man to stop, but unfortunately Lucy had been stabbed. Lisa ran out of the apartment asking for help.

Lucy died the following day.“She was a fighter and she did good, she really did,” Lisa said. “If it wasn’t for [Lucy], you know, he could’ve probably stabbed all of us.”

Williams was held on a battery charge. It was a series of events that should not have happened. “He didn’t have to do that,” Lisa said of Williams, “[Lucy] was just protecting her family.”

According to Wink News, a memorial service may be held in Lucy’s honour.
“She’s gonna be missed.”

Watch the news story below and find out more about Lucy’s true act of heroism.


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