Mom Makes Hilarious Parody Video That Has Everyone Laughing.

This mom is taking the internet by storm with her hilarious parody videos.

Deva Dalporto has a blog called: My Life Suckers. She is also a YoutTuber, known for her hilarious videos about her life as a mom.

In the video below you’ll see Deva do a parody of Sia’s hit single “Cheap Thrills.” She adds her own “mom” style to it. It’s hilarious and very fun to watch.

She also described in her blog what inspired her to do this video. Saying:

My husband always accuses me of pulling a bait and switch on him. When we met I was super social. My phone rang constantly. I loved going out at night. And then I had kids and suddenly I lost all of my social skills. I became an introverted hermit. I lost the ability to make small talk. Now a great night to me is sitting at home watching Netflix talking to NO ONE.

Motherhood is so intense and takes so much out of us, I know I’m not alone in this transformation. Who has energy to go out at night and have an actual conversation when you’ve been up since 5am having broccoli battles with a 3-year-old?

And let’s be real, Friday night means nothing to moms. It’s the same as any other darn day of the week.

So enjoy my latest! Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” reimagined as “I Have No Social Skills.”

Watch the hilarious parody video below.

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