Rival Schools Come Together To Help 15-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Score His First Touchdown

Life is full of obstacles. They come in many different ways, but it’s the way that we overcome them that matters.

15-year-old Lou Stamey suffers from cerebral palsy, which keeps him in a wheelchair and allowing him limited speech. Despite his misfortune, Lou still smiles and when it comes to football, he’s as big a fan as the next guy.

His love for football began when he was little because of his father, who was a football referee. Unfortunately Lou’s father passed away three years ago.

There was a big matchup coming up between Lou’s school, Canton Middle School, and their rivals, Waynesville Middle School, and the coach had a plan for Lou.

Coach Joshua Simmons told Lou’s mom, Belinda, about a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime for her son.

“Lou’s very special in our school…He brings a lot of joy to a lot of people,” Simmons tells reporters.

The two coaches from both schools talked it out and made it possible for the 15-year-old boy to score his first touchdown. They called the play the “Lou Play.”

The moment brought tears of joy to everyone. Everyone was cheering from both sides. Lou will remember this day forever.

Watch the emotional moment when Lou scores his first ever touchdown.

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