Woman With Extreme PTSD Finds An Odd Companion To Help Her

It’s incredible to think how one small little animal can change your life. For this woman living in Wisconsin, that was the case when she decided to adopt a small Indian Runner Duck.

Carla Fitzgerald had been a really bad car accident caused by another driver who was on his phone. After the traumatic event, Fitzgerald began to experience extreme PTSD. She wouldn’t step foot in a car or a plane.

Her way of travel became nearly impossible. That is until one day, while shopping at a flea market, she came across a small duck. She named the duck Daniel, and with his help she was slowly able to fight back against her PTSD.

“Without Daniel, I would stay home for the rest of my life,” Fitzgerald said in a recent interview with WLOS while visiting North Carolina. “I would never leave the house because I can’t.”

Wherever the two go they attract a crowd. People usually assume that Fitzgerald saved Daniel, but she likes to think it’s the other way around.

Watch the video below and see this odd, yet perfect companionship.

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