Waiter Sees Man With Cerebral Palsy Struggling With His Food, Generously Offers To Help

It was another normal evening at work for a restaurant employee when he noticed a man with cerebral palsy having trouble eating his food. He went out of his way to make the man’s experience better.

Five, a waiter at Oyster Bar, was working his normal shift when Lee Bondurant and his mother Linda came into the restaurant. He noticed the two were having some trouble enjoying their meal. He saw that Linda was juggling between eating her meal and feeding her son, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

That’s when Five came over to help. He first asked Lee if he had ever tried oysters. “Lee told him he had not. So, [Five] asked [if he] could he serve him his first. It was smooth not to embarrass Lee,” Linda told reporters.

“That was the ultimate kindness he showed me,” Lee told ABC News reporters.

Lee, being 51, doesn’t let just anyone help him out. He works at the local Kroger, where he takes care of things himself. But eating is one of the things Lee needs help with due to his cerebral palsy.

Lee is selective as to who feeds him, and the fact that he let a complete stranger help was odd. But he knew that Five was doing a good deed and was very grateful for his help.

“I genuinely appreciated what he did, an act of kindness” Lee said to ABC News reporters.

It’s small acts of kindness that leave the biggest impacts on people. Make sure to always be kind.

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