4-Year-Old Boy Needed A New Prosthetic Leg, Shark Tank Star Gives Him The Ultimate Surprise

A boy was in desperate need of a new prosthetic leg after his got stolen. Lucky for him, a Shark Tank star stepped in to help him get a new one.

It was just another typical day for 4-year-old Liam Brenes. He and his family were spending the day at Crystal Cove National Park. Liam went for a swim in the lake, leaving his prosthetic in sand. Unfortunately when he came back it was gone, somebody had stolen his prosthetic leg. The family was devastated, knowing that they needed to replace it but could not afford it.

That’s when Shark Tank star, Robert Herjavec, stepped into the picture. Herjavec had seen the little boy’s story on the news, about how he needed a new prosthetic leg. He was touched by Liam’s story and decided to help out.

Herjavec called up ABC that same night. He told them he was the guy from Shark Tank and he wanted to get in contact with the Bernes family.

The family had set up an account to raise money for Liam’s new leg, and so Herjavec donated enough for them to afford one.

The Shark Tank star was feeling all sorts of generous, as he also gifted the young boy with a VIP trip to Disneyland. Now the boy can walk again.

Watch the video below.

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