After Family Abandons Pet Pit Bull A Very Thoughful Hero Comes To The Rescue

It’s incredible to believe but some people actually abandon their pets without a care in the world.

Pit bulls have been thought of as aggressive dogs because of how bad they are abused by owners. 1 in 4 dogs at shelters are pit bulls. The reality is that these dogs are actually really friendly and extremely loyal.

A family recently moved and they abandoned their pit bull, Boo, leaving him behind with a few of unwanted items. One of the neighbors noticed and took the heartbreaking picture you see below. He posted it on Facebook.

Boo waited for his owner to come back, laying on an old mattress on the sidewalk. The neighbor took it upon himself to call the local shelter. Unfortunately, no one ever came.

That’s when a man named, Mike Diesel, who saw the facebook post, cane to the rescue. Mike is the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Shelter.

He came and sat by Boo’s side, feeding him and caring for him until he gained his confidence. Mike then took the dog to the vet to get his necessary treatment. Boo is now a happy dog with a loving family.

Take a look at the video below and find out more.

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