Farmer Suffers From Terminal Cancer, Shocked To See His Community Come Together To Help Harvest His Crops

It’s always heartwarming to see a community come together to help out one another in times of need. This is exactly what Carl Bates received when he needed it the most.

Carl is a farmer in Galva, Illinois. Unfortunately, this season would have been really difficult to harvest his crops since he is battling with a terminal cancer.

Worried about his situation, Carl reached out to farmers in the community, hoping a few of them would be kind enough to help him out. The family was shocked to see so many people show up at their doorsteps after hearing about Carl’s situation.

“With this being a small town, [all of the farmers] talk and word spread,” Carl’s cousin Jason Bates told TODAY.

Carl was very grateful with all the help he received. “We had 10 combines, 16 semis and around 40 people. We ended up with all these people showing up and had to organize,” Carl told reporters.

“It took about 10 hours to harvest all 450 acres, which would have otherwise taken us nearly a week. One of the things we’ve noticed is how great it is to see people help each other for a change as opposed to all the bad news stories out there,” Carl added.

Watch the video below.

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