Man Buys House Across The Street From Hateful Neighbors And Paints It The Colors Of The Pride Flag As A Form Of Prostest

It’s no secret that the Westboro Baptist Church is filled with hateful people spreading a message of hate. They were taken by surprise when a man decided to paint his house, which is across the street from the church, the colors of the pride flag.

Aaron Jackson is a charitable man that wants to spread love across the world. He is well-known for his charity work in Haiti. As you would think, most churches would be proud of his work and would thank him for helping out the community. This isn’t the case for the Westboro Baptist Church.

Jackson was looking through Google Maps one day and noticed there was a house for sale right in front of the church. He decided to buy it and paint it the colors of the pride flag as a form of protest. “Location, location. I bought the house for the view,” he said. He plans to run an anti-bullying campaign out of the “Rainbow House.”

Watch the video below and find out more about Jackson’s protest against the Westboro Baptist Church.

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