NICU Nurse Gets Surprising Visit 4 Years After Saving Premature Baby

A family made a very special visit to the nurse that saved their premature baby. She went above and beyond and now four years later, the two had special reunion.

When Sarah Topilko experienced a few difficulties she had to give birth to 10 weeks early. Connor was born only 27 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy, weighing only 2lb., 1oz.

The early birth left Sarah and newborn Connor in critical condition. Sarah developed a life threatening condition during her pregnancy and was in multi-organ failure. But the mother was more concerned about her baby. “I was worried about Connor, I didn’t really stop to think about me,” said Sarah.

Connor had to stay at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for the first 65 days of his life. While being there, nurse Gwenn went above and beyond to make sure the child was taken care of. She even made him clothing that would fit him.

The family was more than thankful for Gwenn’s service and everything she did for them. 4 years after Connor left the NICU, him and his family decided to pay a visit to the nurse that saved him.

You can take a look at the emotional video of the reunion here.

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