Teacher Slams Her Breaks When She Sees Extremely Rare Albino Reindeer On The Side Of The Road

Mother Nature and the animals that live in it can really be a thing of beauty. Albino reindeer are extremely rare to come across with but a teacher vacationing in Mala, Sweden, was lucky enough to see one and take a picture of it.

Siv Poijo was driving down the road in Mala when she saw an albino reindeer at the edge of the forest. Poijo was able to take a picture when the stag stopped for a few seconds.

The teacher wrote about the wonderful moment, noting that, “In the pack there was only one white reindeer, it is not that often you see one. For the Sami people, the white reindeer have special significance – I think they bring luck and are considered holy.”

These reindeer are very rare to come across with but have been previously been seen in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, as well as being kept captive.

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