Shelter Decides To Adopt A Rescue Cat After Noticing He Has Special Healing Powers

The beautiful power of love can help heal people when they’re sick or feeling down. This cat understood that like no other. He has a special power that allows him to comfort other animals and help them get back to full health.

Radamenes, the special cat, was brought to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, when he was in desperate need for help. He was suffering from a respiratory infection and was on the brink of death. His chances of survival seemed slim, but he managed to pull through.

After making a recovery, Radamenes was not put up for adoption. The shelter soon discovered that he had a gift for comforting sick and injured animals. They decided to keep him around so he could help out. The shelter adopted the cat.

He’s known at the shelter as the “nurse cat,” where he spends his day cuddling up with sick and recovering animals. He helps them by purring and giving them hugs when they need it.

With Radamenes’ help, the shelter has witnessed many miraculous recoveries. This shelter adores their new nurse and are very thankful for him.

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