8-Year-Old Buys Lunch For 300 Students After Seeing His Friend Denied A Hot Meal At School

It’s the smallest things that trigger us to do great things. This was the case when an 8-year-old boy noticed his friend didn’t have enough money to pay for a hot meal at school, and was left to eat a cold cheese sandwich.

Third grader, Cayden Taipalus, was at lunch with his friend at Challenger Elementary school when he noticed something that bothered him. He saw his friend get denied a hot meal because he didn’t have enough money in his account.

Appalled by what he saw, Cayden went to his mother, Amber Melke Peters, and explained what had happened. He asked her what could he do so his friend isn’t denied a hot meal ever again.

That’s when his mom helped him create a fundraising page called, “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry.” Cayden went around asking family, friends, and neighbors to help raise money. He even went around recycling so he collect some money on his own.

Since he began fundraising, Cayden was able to raise nearly $7,000 which have been able to purchase enough food for over 300 students. His plans are to continue raising money so that no child is left without a hot meal.

“I am so very proud of my son,” Peters said. “He is only 8 years old and to grasp the concept around this is just amazing in my eyes. He has a heart of gold.”

This kid certainly has a huge heart. Watch the video below.

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