Talking To Yourself Isn't A Sign Of Being Crazy, It's Actually Signs Of Being A Genius. Here's Why

We live in a society where seeing someone talking to themselves means that they’re crazy. But actually talking to yourself might mean you’re a genius.

In recent studies, scientist tested how talking to yourself can help you learn things quicker and at the same time improve your memory.

Below are the 4 ways in which talking to yourself can help you, all backed up by science.

1. Your brain works with more efficiency

An experiment done by Live Science, subjects that repeated the name of an object had an easier time finding it, as well as showing signs of enhanced memorization ability. Saying something out loud to yourself helps assure what you’re doing and makes it easier for your body to comprehend.

2. Talking to yourself as a child will help you learn better

It’s important for babies and young children to hear their own voices while growing up, because “self directed speech can help guide children’s behavior… often talking themselves step by step through tasks.” This helps with learning how to follow directions and becoming a better listener.

3. It helps put your thoughts in order

According to psychologist Linda Sapadin, talking to yourself will help you make important decisions. By hearing yourself, you are prioritizing tasks. When you hear an issue out loud it causes your nerves to calm down.

4. You will meet your goals

When you repeat your goals out loud to yourself it helps you focus your attention to achieving them, while at the same time eliminating distraction. By talking yourself, step-by-step through what you need to achieve it will make the task clearer. By speaking your goals out loud and hearing them, your brain will put in more effort and getting it done.

Next time you see someone talking to themselves don’t think, “oh they’re crazy.” They are actually stimulating their brain for a more successful way of living.

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