Military Dad Gives Son Ultimate Surprise By Coming Home Before His Son's Surgery

Being away from your family is always hard, especially being in the military. It could get really hard being away from family for so long, but that feeling of seeing them is truly indescribable. No words can explain the emotions felt at that moment.

We’ve all seen the touching stories about surprise homecomings, and they all truly touch the heart. This one is no different.

A little boy had been waiting for his military father who was deployed for a long time. The boy was about to go into surgery and wanted his father to be there for him before the surgery.

The boy knew that the chances of his dad being there were low, and he wasn’t expecting to see him. But his dad was driven, and was gonna do whatever it took to see his little boy before surgery.

The military father was able to rush back to the states right on time to see his kid. It was a very touching moment when he walks into his son’s hospital room. The boy had a smile unlike no other. The excitement and emotion was overwhelming.

Take a look at the beautiful reunion in the video below.

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