Bride And Groom Decide To Having “Flower Grandmas”, Their Viral Photo Has Taken The Internet By Storm

We’ve all seen how adorable flower girls can be, but in this story, all the attention was taken by these two lovely “flower grandmas.”

It was almost time for Maggie and Josh’s wedding. They wanted to do something special to honor their grandparents during their wedding. Back in 2013, Maggie’s father passed away from colon cancer. This left her devastated. She felt it was important for her family to be the focus of the ceremony.

Maggie asked her grandfather to walk her down the aisle. This left her thinking, what should she do with her grandmother? That’s when Josh and Maggie came up with the perfect idea to have their grandmas be flower girls, or “flower grandmas.”

The picture of the two grandmas, Joyce Benedict, 75, and Drue Fitzgerald, 74, walking down the aisle while dropping petals from a basket took the internet by storm. They touched hearts across the world.

In an interview with TODAY, Maggie gushed over her flower girls. “They were both so excited. They were touched.” she said. “We go over to his grandparents’ once a week… They’re so sweet and caring.”

Maggie was touched the moment she saw both her grandparents, who have been married for 56 years, dancing together. She says she wants her and Josh to have a long happy marriage like her grandparent’s.

Take a look at the video that has everyone’s heart melting below.

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