Farmer Comes Home Everyday To A Herd Of Hungry Kittens Begging For Food

A farmer from Nebraska comes home everyday to a very cute surprise. There’s an entire herd of kittens, waiting for him to feed them.

Corey Karmann has grown up in the farming scene and has learned the ropes from his dad. Everyday when he comes home from a long day doing farm work, a pack of kittens wait for him outside his house. He feeds them and in return they get rid of the mice that roam around the farm.

“That’s the farm I’ve grown up on, and live at now. We’ve always kept cats around. There is a lot of grain storage around, so that means a LOT of mice,” Karmann told Love Meow.

“There’s currently 12 cats that go back and forth between my house and my dad’s house, which is about 150 yards away on the other end of the property. [It’s] mostly a run and hunt group, but a few do anything they can to get my attention for a good pet and ear scratches.”

“When they hear the food bowl there’s a couple quiet meows. Once the door opens, it’s like the feature band hit the stage.”

Take a look at the adorable video below.

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