65 Years After Calling Off Engagement, True Love Brings This Couple Back Together

True love does exist, and if you don’t believe it then keep reading this story.

Over 60 years ago, Helen Andre and Davy Moakes fell deeply in love for each other. The two were inseparable. That is until Helen’s parents intervened. Back in 1951 the two were engaged and were anxious to get married. But when Helen’s parents found out that Davy was an artist they got worried that he wouldn’t be able to provide for her. And so, the wedding was called off and the two lost touch.

After that moment the two probably thought they would never cross paths again. But now, 65 years later, the two picked up back where they left off by getting married.

Debbie Williams, who is Helen’s daughter, told BBC news how this reunion came to be. “Back in the 1950’s [being an artist] probably wasn’t considered a good career for a future son-in-law. It broke both their hearts but in those days you did as you were told.”

Debbie had always known about Davy and how much her mother loved him. And so after all these years, Debbie decided to track her mother’s long lost love down. “They got talking and rekindled their relationship and they fell madly in love.” she said of the precious pair, “I’m so happy for them.”

The two had a few words to say about their incredible love story. Davy said, “If you love someone as much as we do, it never goes away.” His new bride was just as happy and added, “I’ve loved him all my life. I’m overjoyed, we’re together at last.”

The beautiful couple shows us that it’s never to late to find the love of your life.

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