Man Goes Missing In The Woods For 7 Hours, Police Noticed Something Incredible After Finding Him

After a man went missing in a dense forest, police went looking. When they found the man, they noticed something quite interesting.

Police crew got a call one night that senior citizen Martin Kay was missing. He had been gone for 7 hours. The only way the police knew how to search for the man properly was looking from high up in the sky. This was because the man was missing in a dense forest.

The police used a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera. They flew above in the sky, searching through big patches of land. The camera made it easier for them, as it can detect any person, from a missing child to a criminal trying to hide in the bushes.

When they finally found Martin they noticed something quite interesting. There was a dog laying next to him. It appeared that the man had slipped and fell into a muddy bog. He was stuck and the only he can do was stay still while help came along. If he tried moving around he would sink.

Luckily, the man did not have to wait alone. His loyal dog, Holly Blue, was right there next to him, guarding him from any harm that might have come his way. She stood there next to him for the whole seven hours. Thankfully the police showed up and were able to set Martin free.

It’s incredible how loyal dogs can be.

Watch the rescue footage below.

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