Homeless Pit Bull Wanders The Streets Without Food Or Shelter Until Someone Sees Him And Feeds Him

Usually rescuing a dog can be a little difficult, since the dog could get scared and run away from its rescuers. But this guy was more than friendly and willing to be rescued.

When Hope For Paws got a called about an abandoned pit bull in downtown Los Angeles, they rushed to the rescue. Upon arriving where they were told the pit bull would be, they started searching. Finally they came upon the lovely dog.

At first he was a little timid, but it didn’t take long at all until he was waggling his tail and eating the food the rescuers brought him. They named the kind pit bull Brutus.

The rescuers confirmed with the mechanics from the area that Brutus was actually a stray dog. They took Brutus to the car so they could take him back to the shelter. He seemed so happy to be with them, and looking forward to his new home.

Thanks to the organization Hope For Paws, many homeless dogs are able to find loving families that they can live a happy life with.

Take a look at the video below of Brutus’ rescue.

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