Mother Struggling To Buy Groceries Brought To Tears Of Joy After Officer's Act Of Kindness

As the holiday season sets in, it’s good to remind ourselves to be thankful for what we have and for each other. It’s a time to love one another, and to spread joy in anyway we can.

Facebook // FWPD

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Fort Worth Police Department decided to do something spectacular for those in need. Instead of routine traffic stops and handing out tickets, they decided to donate turkeys to those they pulled over.

Facebook // FWPD

Those who had been pulled over were smiling from ear to ear once they realized what was happening. One woman who was struggling to afford groceries was shocked by FWPD’s act of kindness, and began to cry tears of joy.

Facebook // FWPD

Fort Worth Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to start, but, in the meantime, they wanted to show how thankful they were for their awesome citizens. It’s clear that these officers have big hearts!

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