17-Year-Old Iraq Native Fights ISIS With Art, Recreating Old Sculptures That Were Taken Away From His People

It’s no secret to the world that ISIS is very dangerous. Since they began their campaign in the Middle East they have annihilated the way people live, their culture, art, and history. They are now looking to target the city of Nimrud, which is located in Northern Iraq.

The 3,000 year old city is known to have some of the most beautiful artifacts know to man. Artifacts that have been in the city for over three millennia are now gone. This did not settle well with local 17-year-old, Nenous Thabit.

Thabit was willing to risk his life to preserve the culture that his people have known about their whole lives. He took his artistic sculpting ability and put it to use. He began to recreate the priceless sculptures that were lost. This is his way of putting his foot down and fighting back.

“They waged a war on art and culture, so I decided to fight them with art,” he told CNN.

It’s incredibly hard to be an artist in Iraq being under ISIS control. Being an artist is considered to be a form of betrayal to the Islamic cause. Artists are sent off to death without trial.

“In Iraq, there are people who are killed because they are sculptors; because they are artists. ISIS view them as apostate,” Thabit told CNN over the phone.

Thabit has managed to sculpt over 18 Assyrian statues and one mural over the past year.

“My dream is to become a prominent artist in Iraq to make my country proud and show the world that we in Iraq love life and cherish our heritage,” he said.

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