Woman Overheard Homophobic Remarks From The Table Next To Her, Her Response Is Inspiring Thousands

It was another normal day for Natalie Woods when she went out for some food at a restaurant in Addison, Texas. When she was there she overheard the table nearby talking ill about their gay nephew.

The people used words like “disgusted” to describe how they felt about their nephew’s sexual preference. Also stating that that they needed to pray for him to be “cured.”

Natalie was appalled by what she had overheard. It hit too close to home for her, as she had gone through the same neglect with her family.

“I was fuming with anger, but then became really sad,” she explained in an email. “I know what [it’s like] to have family members alienate you, or shame you. I felt for this kid, and have been in his shoes.”

Natalie had been inspired by Michelle Obama’s speech and decided, while they went low she would go high. She didn’t lash out with anger, nor did she keep quiet.

She took out her wallet and called the waiter over. She asked if she could cover the other table’s tab. And so she did, and she left them a very positive message.

The message read: “Happy Holidays, from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. … P.S. be accepting of your family.”

Natalie left before she could see the people’s reaction but she did post the picture of the note on social media. She received more that 1,000 likes and over 130 shares on Facebook.

One of the commentators wrote:”I’m a 60 year old straight, white guy and I totally support what you did. Thanks for making our world a little better.”

“Your gesture brought me to tears,” wrote another. “Thank you. You are such a beautiful person.”

At first Natalie didn’t want to share the picture, but she felt as if it was something that would make an impact in a time where the country is so divided.

“I thought about not posting anything, but realized it was important for people after this election to see an act of love, rather than a complaint from the other side of a keyboard,” she wrote.

“I don’t think I did anything magnificent or over the top,” she wrote. “I did what I think people should be doing all of the time for anyone. I mean that — anyone.”

I hope this inspires you to show love to everyone, and stand up for those in need.

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