Bachelor Party Turns Into Puppy Rescue Mission When A Starving Dog Came For Help

When you hear “bachelor party”, things like beer, camping, gambling and many more come to mind – all whole lot of “manly” activities to take care of before the wedding. However, what these men did for this starving stray and her pups, in my opinion, is the most impressive of all.

Mitch Craddock took seven of his best friends on a trip down to Tennessee from Michigan. It was his bachelor party, and the group decided to stay at a cabin in the woods. As they began to cook bacon, the smell drew an unexpected guest to their front doorstep – a dog with desperation in her eyes. The stray dog was starving, as her ribs were visible from how skinny she was. She had stopped by in hopes of getting some bacon for herself.

Of course, these men had no problem feeding this dog to her heart’s content, but what concerned them was her peculiar behavior. The stray had kept pacing and protecting a spot not too far from them. Craddock and his crew decided to investigate.

What they found was a puppy’s head peering out of a hole. They decided to give the pup a helping hand and soon discovered several more puppies in the hole. One by one, the men took these pups back to their cabin to clean off any dirt, fleas and ticks. In total, one mother and seven pups were saved.

What’s even more amazing is that each of the guys decided to adopt a dog. With eight guys and eight dogs, it’s a perfect match! Soon, all of them would return to their homes in Michigan with a new family member.

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