Woman Helps Reunite War Veteran With His Two Beloved Dogs

In an episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees, Tia and Mariah Torres were able to reunite a war veteran with his two dogs.

Joshua is a war veteran who found it hard to adapt to a normal life after being out in the battle field. He said that he felt out of place and was scared. But he found support from his two loving dogs, Panda and Mama, who showed nothing but love to him. They became his family, but unfortunately Joshua had to leave them back home in Louisiana when he was forced to move to California.

He was unable to bring his two buddies with him and it broke his heart. After two long months, Joshua couldn’t bare to be without his dogs for another day, so he asked Tia and Mariah to help him bring his dogs to him.

Upon the arrival of the dogs at Tia’s shelter, Mariah noticed that the dogs were not eating and were really sad.

Mariah drove the dogs up to Los Angeles to meet up with Joshua. As soon as Panda and Mama noticed Joshua, they ran up to him with joy. They were jumping on him and giving him kisses. The reunion was more than emotional, even Mariah couldn’t hold in her tears.

Watch the video below.

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