Officers Take Their Time To Comfort Two Pit Bulls After Finding Them Abandoned On The Street

Dogs are abandoned too often. These two pit bulls were alone and only had each other, but they needed someone to show them that everything would be okay.

One day on his was to work, Patrick Hennessey of Orange County, Florida, noticed two pit bulls in the middle of the street. They seemed scared and distressed. One of them even had a wound on her leg that she was bleeding from.

Patrick felt touched when he saw them huddle closely together because all they had was each other. Patrick called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to inform them about the pit bulls.

Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs were called to action. When they arrived at the scene they stayed with the two pups until Animal Services was able to pick them up. The dogs showed a sign of relief when they were accompanied by the two deputies. They knew their nightmare would soon be over.

Noticing how cold the dogs were, the two officers cuddled them up and even treated the injured dog’s leg.

When they arrived to the shelter, the staff there named the dogs Justice and Liberty as an honor to the two officers who showed compassionate service. The two dogs’ lives have made a full 180 degrees. They are happier than ever, waiting for a loving family to adopt them.

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