Bride Gets Ultimate Wedding Surprise

Having a loved one in the military is an honor, but at the same time it’s the hardest thing to go through. But when they make it back home it’s a feeling unlike any other.

Hannah’s wedding was everything she ever imagined it would be, well almost everything. She was missing her brother who was serving our country over seas. But little did Hannah know that her sister, Lealah Abraham, had a surprise for her. She was able to get their brother back home just in time for the ceremony.

In the video below you’ll see the moment Hannah sees her brother and is brought to tears. As Hannah is hugging her dad she doesn’t know that behind her is her brother in uniform. When she turns around she sees a pair of formal shoes, then when she looks up she is left in shock. Hannah couldn’t hold back the tears saying, “Oh my God, you’re here.”

Take a look at the beautiful moment below.

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