Pope Francis Took A Hit At Donald Trump With Strong Message About Global Warming

Pope Francis had something to say to Donald Trump when it came to global warming.

“The ‘distraction’ or delay in implementing global agreements on the environment shows that politics has become submissive to a technology and economy which seek profit above all else,” said the Pope in an address Monday to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

“Never before has there been such a clear need for science to be at the service of a new global ecological equilibrium,” said the Pope, talking to the scientists attending.

It’s no secret that Trump doesn’t believe in global warming. In fact he said it was a hoax by the Chinese. Back in 2012 he tweeted, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Come January, Trump has proposed plans to boost U.S coal production and repeal the Environmental Protection Agency. Also he says he wants to cancel the climate agreement.

Trump, along with Vladimir Putin, are among the few world leaders that are against the agreement.

The Pope praised the work of scientists that goes towards helping the environment and making it a safer place for our future children.

“Your commitment is all the more admirable in its orientation towards the full promotion of integral human development, peace, justice, dignity and human freedom,” said Pope Francis.

The Pope also spoke to scientists to remain untangled from political obstacles.

“I would say that it falls to scientists, who work free of political, economic or ideological interests, to develop a cultural model which can face the crisis of climatic change and its social consequences,” said the Pope, “so that the vast potential of productivity will not be reserved for only a few.”

Let’s just hope that Trump, and all the other world leaders that are against global warming, listen to Pope Francis and do what’s best for the globe.

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