Toddler Waits Every Monday Morning To Greet His Best Friend, The Garbage Man

Great friendships can be found in the most unexpected ways. That’s true when it came to this young toddler and the local garbage man, their friendship has taken the internet by storm.

The beautiful friendship began about a year and a half ago. Garbage man James Jackson was making his weekly pickups on a Monday morning when he caught young Lance Rufus attention. Since that day, Lance has been excited to see his new friend every Monday.

Rufus’ mother explains his excitement in detail- “It’s like, Lance is eating breakfast, he hears it, he stops and says, ‘Garbage truck!’ We have to get him out of the high chair and run to the back,” she laughs.

The young toddler waits for Jackson dressed like a garbage man and carrying his tiny recycle bin.

“To see a youngster that’s so excited, I wondered if I would see him again,” James Jackson explained to the local CBS news. “It makes it sweet when you see someone who really likes what you do.”

It’s sweet to see how excited this kid gets to see his buddy. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

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