Mother Loses Necklace Daughter Gave Her Before She Died, Then A Miracle Happens

Have you ever lost something that meant a lot to you? It’s devastating when something that means so much to us gets lost, and we think we’ll never get it back.

Vicky Pyne was devastated when she lost a necklace that her daughter had made her before she passed away. She thought she would never see it again. But miracles do happen.

Alice, Vicky’s daughter, had made the necklace for her mother back in 2014. It was made of two hearts with her and her sister’s name on them, as long as their thumbprints inscribed on the hearts.

“I never take that necklace off,” Pyne told Inside Edition, “I sleep in it.”

Her daughter had been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and sadly, by the age of 17 she lost her battle. This was a very devastating loss to Vicky, and the necklace meant a lot to her. It was like having a piece of her daughter with her at all times.

One day while visiting New York City, Vicky unknowingly lost the necklace. In a street full of thousands of people and very little hope, the necklace was gone.

Hoping for a miracle, Vicky posted on Facebook, asking if anyone found the necklace to please contact her.

Then a miracle happened. Freddy Ortiz was walking with his family when he noticed the necklace. At the time he didn’t know who it belonged to, but realized it must have meant something special to someone. Later on, Ortiz noticed that a friend shared Vicky’s post and immediately emailed her.

Vicky could not believe that her necklace was found. She was very grateful towards the family.

Take a look at the video below.

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