Little Boy Breaks Into Tears When He Has To Say Goodbye To His 17-Year-Old Best Friend

If you’ve ever had to put a pet down you know how hard it is to say goodbye, specially if they’ve been in your family for nearly 20 years.

This little boy had to say his final goodbyes to his 17-year-old friend, BaoBao. His tearful goodbye is touching hearts across the internet. You can see how much this little boy loves his dog.

His dad tries to explain to him that if BaoBao doesn’t go to ‘sleep’ now that she will suffer more. It was a hard decision to make but the family didn’t want to see their dog suffer any longer.

BaoBao had to be taken to the vet because of an injury. “There was only one other vehicle anywhere near me,” the father wrote later in his video’s description. “Its rear tire went over BaoBao’s back crippling her and smashing her pelvis. She would have needed extensive surgery and with no guarantee of being able to walk ever again.”

“She had just had an amazingly fun week and with her hearing, sight, bladder control all already diminished greatly, I thought it best to not put her through the pain of surgeries and physical therapy,” the father wrote. “Over the next year or two she would have aged/worsened a lot. So I made the call to put her down while she was still ‘herself’ and not in too much pain.”

The father explains furthermore that “She’ll wake up with heavenly Father and that’s a good time to go.” The boy seems to grasp how it’s the best thing to do, but at the end he tells his dad, “But I’ll miss her.”

His dad responds, “I’ll miss her too.”

Take a look at the heartbreaking video below.

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