Woman Adopts Sick 16-Year-Old Beagle To Show Her Love, Then Miraculous Thing Happens

Lola had a very tough life and was in pretty bad shape when she was found as a stray back in June. At 16 years old, Lola suffered from cancer and on top of that had recently suffered a stroke.

The small beagle had a hard time in the Maryland shelter, where she lived for three months until Kristen Northrop Cobb, shelter manager at the Animal Welfare League Queen Anne’s County. She told The Dodo, “She started to just kind of give up. She quit eating and eventually was just laying around, so I took her home.”

With little hope of Lola surviving Cobb took her home. She was hoping that the dog would get a few more days to enjoy good food and a comfortable place to live in.

“After all, she wasn’t eating, and we really felt that she just didn’t have much more time than that,” Cobb says.

In just three days Lola began to get better, she began to eat more and move around more. “She started to spunk up,” says Cobb. “So we decided to just keep going with her for as long as she was happy.”

Cobb decided to take Lola to the beach since she had been feeling better. Lola enjoyed it so much that Cobb began a bucket list for her to do. “I started thinking about other things that she might enjoy, so I basically started the bucket list for her,” says Cobb.

Lola has been doing great and has done everything in her bucket list. Surprisingly the 16-year-old beagle still has a lot of life left in her. Cobb even started another list of things that she can do.

“So we will make those things happen!” says Cobb. “She is much better now, and super spunky. I think it’s because someone gave an older dog a chance, and now she has something to live for.”

It’s incredible, but this dog started to feel better because someone actually started loving her and showing her that she has a family.

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