After Horrible Car Crash, 7-Year-Old Becomes A Hero When She Pulled Her Brother Out Of The Car And Saving His Life

A brave 7-year-old girl named Olivia Valli became a hero by saving her two younger siblings after a horrible car crash.

Last month, Olivia and her mother Amber were driving down the road with her two younger siblings, 3-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Flynn, when they were involved in a terrible car accident. Amber had lost control go the wheel and the car swerved out of the road and started rolling.

The accident left Amber unconscious and so Olivia had to act quick in order to save her two younger brothers.

Even after being in a horrible car crash, Olivia unbuckled her seat belt and began to take action. One-by-one she pulled out her two brothers to safety.

Thanks to Olivia’s quick thinking and bravery the paramedics were able to focus on taking her mother out of the car. She was in critical condition, with a fractured skull, several fractured vertebrae, and lots of bruising.

If it wasn’t for Olivia, the paramedics might not have been able to take care of Amber in time and things would’ve been worse.

Olivia’s uncle, Wade, was simply impressed by the young child’s bravery. “Olivia was incredibly brave and a dead set little champion to do what she did,” he said, “After being in a car that rolled two times all she was thinking about was her two little brothers.”

Fortunately the kids didn’t suffer any injuries and Amber is expected to make a full recovery.

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