City Of Los Angeles Is Renovating Abandoned Motels Into Apartments For Homeless Veteran

It’s incredible to believe but last year, in Los Angeles alone, there were 4,362 veterans living in the street. The city had promised to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015, but after learning how serious the problem really was they abandoned that goal.

Now, thanks to some very smart thinking, things are turning around.

Thanks to the $600 million funded by Proposition 41, the city is going to be able to turn abandoned hotels and hospitals into over 500 apartments for homeless veterans. Set Up, a non-profit agency, is helping construct these units that are scheduled to be up by January of 2017.

It’s been said that veterans will be allowed to live in these housings for 15 years, free of charge, thanks to vouchers that were provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Incredibly, thanks to the efforts put into helping every homeless veteran find a home, the homeless veteran population has decreased from 4,362 to 3,071. The city hopes to continue these projects and eventually be able to provide a home for any veteran that needs one.

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