Daughter Begs For A Miracle After Her 108-Year-Old Mother Is Forced Out Of Her Home, Kind Strangers Come To The Rescue

Carrie Bausch has over a century of experience behind her – the grandmother of four and great grandmother of six had recently celebrated her 108th birthday. All her life, she had eaten healthy, lived an active lifestyle and was a proudly independent woman. However, that didn’t mean that all was well.

Photos // Susan Hatfield

Recently, the 108-year-old woman was told to move out of her assisted living facility – the place she currently calls home. Unless could raise the $40,000 needed for room and board, she would soon be forced out.

Photos // Susan Hatfield

Since her marriage in in 1934, Carrie and her husband had build a home, had children and lived life to the fullest. Even after her husband passed away in 1995, Carrie’s positive outlook didn’t change.

Until she was 105 years old, she had no need for the help of an assisted living facility – some have said that she’s much more active than some people decades younger than her. However, after a few injuries, she decided it was time to get some help. Even at the facility, Carrie’s active and healthy lifestyle didn’t change.

Photos // Susan Hatfield

Recently, the reservoir of money she had saved and gained from the sale of her home had run dry – she no longer had the means to pay for anything. Family wanted to help financially, but it certainly isn’t easy to raise $40,000 on such short notice.

“She’s been a loving and happy person her whole life and she deserves to keep living that way,” Susan Hatfield said in an interview with People. Hatfield is Carrie’s daughter, and she had started a GoFundMe campaign to see if kind patrons on the internet would help. Over the first two months, $10,000 was raised. It was good but not good enough.

“We need a miracle,” Hatfield said. Hatfield’s prayers were soon answered.

News of Carrie’s situation broke and flooded social media sites. Kind patrons began donating left and right to ensure that Carrie wouldn’t have to worry about paying a penny. Of the $40,000 that was due, over $55,000 was raised. An amazing testament to how kind humans can be to one another.

Carrie was overwhelmed by everyone’s support. No one who lives to be her age should worry about things like these, and it seems as though many people believed the same.

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