Cancer-Stricken Teacher Couldn't Leave His Home, 400 Students Showed Up At His Door To Sing And Support Him

Even if you’re not a believer or follower of Christ, you can’t deny the love that radiates from this.

Ben Ellis, a teacher at the Christ Presbyterian Academy, has been teaching Latin and Bible to his students for many years. He had inspired the lives of many young and aspiring students to work towards something much greater than themselves.

Unfortunately, Ellis was diagnosed with an aggressive from of cancer, leaving him unable to teach his many students. He was stuck at home and had only wanted to continue teaching them. His condition only worsened as the days passed by.

One day, Ellis heard singing outside his window. Curious, he took a look, and what he saw left him in pure awe.

Over 400 of the students at the academy, grade 9 through 12, came to support their beloved teach in his fight against cancer. As they continued to sing, tears and emotion overcame the group.

Nate Morrow, the headmaster at the academy said, “It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

The support form these students was overwhelming, and it showed just how much they missed their beloved teacher. Their visit lasted for several hours.

“In that moment, I felt like I was not alone,” Ellis said.

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