Tow Truck Driver Notices Unseen Crashed Car, Saves Young Father's Life

32-year-old Robert Hooper, a tow truck driver, received a call one day much like any other – someone on the road needed a bit of help. However, the last thing he’d expect to do would be saving the life of a young father. With quick action, this man has become a savior.

Hooper responded to a call by 69-year-old Janey Smith when her gas pedal gave out. As she pulled over to the shoulder, she neared a hill and tall grass just off the road. Unbeknownst to her, someone nearby was in danger.

As Hooper arrived, Smith’s eyes wandered off. That’s when she spotted a crashed car down the hill – she notified Hooper who began to investigate.

Photo // Robert Hooper

The car was severely damaged. As Hooper continued to look around, his heart suddenly dropped – there was a motionless body leaning out of the car. Hooper could only assume the man was dead. That’s until he heard a faint “help”. Immediately, Hooper took action.

Hooper called an ambulance and did whatever to he could to ensure that this life would not be lost. He did what no one else who saw the accident did, and he saved a life in the process.

23-year-old Steven Ackerman was behind the wheel of the blue car, and family says they believe he fell asleep behind the wheel before crashing down the hill. Thanks to both Hooper and Smith, this father will be able to go back home to his family once again.

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