When A Mother Didn't Think She Could Make It To The Hospital, Four State Troopers Step In To Deliver Her Baby

State troopers do far more than just busting bad guys – this story of their public service proves just that. These four New Jersey troopers were met with the unexpected, and they successfully ‘delivered’.

Although detectives Matthew Hanlin and Andrew Abdill typically handle cases with criminals and individuals of the like, they’re mentally prepared for a myriad of situations that may come their way.

Shortly after a call from Cumberland County Communications, detectives Hanlin and Abdill rushed to the parking lot outside their station. An expectant mother went into labor and believed that she would not make it to the hospital in time. She decided to stop at the Port Norris Station for help – she made the right choice.

With help from troopers Tyler Dornewass and Bryan Blair, the two detectives successfully delivered the baby. Until paramedics arrived, the four of them comforted the mother and the newborn baby, ensuring them that everything would be alright.

The New Jersey State Police wrote on their Facebook page shortly after:

“Troopers are well versed in catching thieves, burglars, drug dealers and other criminals on a regular basis, but catching babies is something that does not happen every day.

At 8:44 a.m., Port Norris troopers were advised by Cumberland County Communications that a woman in labor was being driven to the station… she was going to deliver the baby before they could get to a hospital. When the driver and mother arrived at the station in a passenger van, Detectives Hanlin and Abdill, and Troopers Bryan Blair and Tyler Dornewass immediately attended to the mother inside of the van and helped deliver the baby girl.

The four troopers rendered aid to mom and baby until Inspira Medical Center Paramedics, Laurel Lake Emergency Squad, and Mauricetown Fire Department arrived to provide additional treatment. Mother and daughter were transported by ambulance to Inspira Medical Center in Vineland where they were last listed as in stable condition.”

A great job by the four men! Many times, those serving the public don’t get the recognition they deserve. Please SHARE their awesome act with your friends and family.

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