Kitten Thought To Be Deathly Ill Miraculously Recovers After Being Nursed By Siberian Husky

Published on Jan 30, 2017

This adorable kitten named Rosie wasn’t always in good health. When she was rescued, she was in terrible shape – her rescuers thought “she would not make it through the first night”.

Even with full care around the clock, her lethargic behavior and constant limping left her caretakers fearing the worst. That’s when Rosie was introduced to Lilo the Siberian Husky. Once they met, something amazing happened.

Lilo had adopted the baby feline as though it were her own puppy. Through love and constant care, Lilo had begun nursing the kitten back to health. They had formed an incredible bond in such short time, and no more than a week later, Rosie had finally opened her eyes. Her health had drastically improved, and she began walking on her own.

Lilo had gone full ‘mom’ mode – the rescuers had no doubt in their mind that this husky was the reason for Rosie’s speedy recovery. Together, the rescuers and Lilo had the kitten back to full health in what seemed like no time at all.

Watch what these rescuers captured throughout Rosie’s recovery – its incredibly adorable:

The rescuers had gone “out on a limb” to introduce Lilo to the sick kitten, and what followed was something spectacular.

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