This Woman is In Grave Danger. Watch What This Gas Station Clerk Does To Save Her

Never underestimate the power of your gut feeling. Sometimes, you may surprise yourself with just how right it can be. Sometimes, it may even save a life.

When this woman walked into this gas station, the observant clerk behind the counter picked up on a few unusual things – he knew something wasn’t right. Manveer Komer, the clerk, noticed a man following right behind her, pointing her towards the ATM. At first, you might expect the two to know each other at the very least. However, the woman’s uncomfortable and shaken demeanor caught Komer’s attention.

As the strange man told her to withdraw money from the ATM, Komer’s already knew he had to act soon. He decided to intervene, and his action ended up saving the woman’s life – she was being kidnapped.

The video below has more on this incredible story.

This is a good example that if you feel something is wrong, it probably is.

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