Stray Dogs Avenge Their Buddy By Trashing The Car of Guy Who Kicked Him

A man who kicked a stray dog in a parking lot got a taste of instant justice after the dog’s friends responded by trashing his car.

After the man rudely kicked the dog in a parking lot in the city of Shijiazhuang, China, the offended pup didn’t resort to violence against him. Instead, she had a different form of payback in mind — and her friends were there to take care of business.

“The dog returned with a pack of other dogs and started biting the man’s car,” China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Facebook.

Photos of the incident were snapped by a passerby and posted by CCTV on their Facebook page. The images show three dogs who seem determined on inflicting as much damage as possible to the kicker’s car.

Using their powerful jaws, the furry vigilantes can be seen leaving bite marks in the vehicle’s body panel.

The post was followed by a flood of comments cheering the dogs and condemning the man’s actions.

While we don’t know for certain that they were truly acting out of some desire for justice, we hope the man who kicked the dog took a lesson from it regardless.

Next time he’ll think twice before kicking a dog!

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