10-Year-Old Boy Clings To Sex-Offender's Moving Car To Save Sister

This brave boy is a hero!

Near a village in Laois, a man on bail for robbery had stopped on the side of a country road where a girl and her two brothers were playing. It had not been long since his last imprisonment, but this man had already begun planning his next crime. He had asked the three children where he could find the local priest’s home to appear innocent, hiding is real motive of abducting the girl. Suddenly, the man grabbed the 12-year-old girl, and threw her into his SUV before driving off.

The country road was near to Cullahill, a village in Laois.

However, the man didn’t expect one of the brothers, only 10-years-old, to jump through the driver’s window as the man started to pull away. The brother, hanging on tightly, had began hitting and distracting the criminal who then tried to shake him off. It was enough time for the sister to jump out of the vehicle.

In a panic, the criminal drove away empty-handed. A manhunt for the criminal had started, and he was caught in less than 24 hours.

It was found out that the criminal was a convicted child sex offender, and that he’d been arrested in 2004 for abducting a 14-year-old girl. Additionally, officials believed the SUV he was driving was stolen from a local farmer.

If this man’s criminal acts didn’t seem horrendous enough, the list goes on – he has a total of 92 previous convictions. This man had a reputation for being armed and dangerous, committing fraud and making threats. When it came to theft, he often sought to steal from church’s collection boxes.

The 34-year-old criminal is expected to appear in court soon.

The three children’s family were quite shocked by the attempted abduction, but the father says he’s very proud of his son for putting himself on the line for his sister.

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