Mother Abandons Her 2-Year-Old After Car Accident, How This Officer Responds Has Everyone Cheering

A precious 2-year-old boy was found alone in a crashed car, nearly drenched in cold water. After police had responded to the call of an accident, they had found a car crashed into a fire hydrant with no driver in sight. Upon closer inspection, they saw a little boy inside – horrified and in clear distress.

First responders had realized that the mother had fled the scene, abandoning her little boy in the process. The horrendous act left officers baffled as to what kind of person could do such a thing.

That’s when LADP officer John Neal Cook reached out to the child to comfort the boy. Officer Cook knew this boy needed compassion, and the boy accepts his embrace. There’s no doubt that the boy felt much safer in Cook’s hands.

As for the mother, it was discovered that simply went home after the accident. She had been driving under the influence with her boy in the car. Some have speculated that she fled in a panic. She was arrested at her front door.

Watch the officers working his magic for yourself:

When this child needed her the most, the mother ran off. However, thanks to these officers, the two year old is in better hands now.

What the men and women of our local PD’s do involves much more than catching bad guys – showing compassion is just one of the many ways they impact their communities. Please pass this on!

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