Monkey Finds A Stray Kitten And Adopts Him As Her Own, And Its The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

Last year, Koko, the gorilla and her kittens took the Internet by storm. Now, another primate who found a stray kitten and adopted him as her own is melting people’s hearts all over the world.

Shaki the monkey came across the stray kitten and decided that she should just take the little guy home with her and adopt him!

The video below shows the caring monkey falling asleep with the little kitten, and the sweetness on their faces is pure perfection. The way they trust each other enough to fall asleep together in each other’s company is incredible. I mean, who knew that gorillas and kittens could get along so wonderfully together?

You can see that she nods off and then quickly opens her eyes just to make sure that her ‘baby’ is still safe and sound. The kitten doesn’t seem as sleepy as Shaki is, but he seems happy in the security of Shaki’s snuggles!

It is obvious that shaki lives in a loving home (she even wears pajamas!) and is just doing what she has learned: spread the love.

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