Mother Goose Calls Cincinnati Police To Help Save Her Trapped Baby

Police officers are trained to expect the unexpected, but these officers were a bit surprised when they responded to an unusual distress call on Monday… from a desperate mother goose whose baby bird was caught in a string from a balloon!

Sergeant James Givens said the bird was pecking on the door of his police cruiser in an apparent bid for some attention.

“She kept pecking and pecking and normally they don’t come near us,” Givens told reporters. “Then it walked away and then it stopped and looked back so I followed it and it led me right over to a gosling that was tangled up in all that string.”

Officer Givens and specialist Cecilia Charron called the SPCA for backup, but no one was available, so they decided to help the gosling themselves.

Charron proceeded to free the baby bird from the balloon with mama goose honking by her side. Once he was free the baby animal ran off to join the rest of the family.

The heartwarming rescue was captured on film by Sergeant Givens who later posted the video on social media where it has gone viral with thousands praising Charron’s act of compassion.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said balloons frequently pose problems for birds, turtles, and other animals. Just like this little gosling, many get entangled in the string. Some are injured or strangled, and others choke while trying to eat the balloon.

Watch the video below, and please SHARE this post if you think we need to practice responsible waste management so animals don’t suffer and die from our littering.

H/T: Huffington Post.

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